Burn The Witch

Game Design

The Burn the Witch game is a concept created as part of the diploma thesis.
"Burn the Witch" is a puzzle-based game created for mobile devices. The game is dedicated to adult players and is set in the XVII land of Silesia.
The main character in the game is a young herbalist, Anna Villlborn. Anna is a novice adept of white, healing magic. She is accused of witchcraft and to save her life must escape the pursuers, the Witch Hunters. In order to do this she must overcome the path bristling with dangers and mortal traps.
The key issue of my project was to explore and get to know mobile games players. After research, I was able to familiarize myself with the player’s needs and create game concepts that would meet their requirements for mobile gaming. Based on the results of the research, the game genre and adapted game mechanics were selected. Research also helped with the choice of the plot, as well as its scenery and time and place. This helped to define the elements of the game. Providing historical themes and references to a specific story translated into the skills and outfit of the main character, her enemies and the types of traps. The plot also inspired the selection of individual locations.